performance report

cahs tips premium nov 2019

Wednesday, Dec 4 2019 11:25AM

Profit and loss calculated here on the following basic
Assumption is that you have traded in 2 lots.

Booked 1 lot profit in Target 1 or Book half profit follow-up message

Booked remaining 1 lot1 profit in Target 2 or Book full profit follow-up message

Sometimes before Target 1 or book half profit, we used to send book full profit. In this case you have to book 2 lots full profit

Booked 2 lots loss in stop loss or exit call

Profit/Loss mentioned here doesn't include brokerage amount and taxes.

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We provide Small Lot Size Calls in Stock Future Segment for Small Investors and Intraday Traders. Minimum Lot Size Calls from Lot 500 to Lot 1000

Genuine stock cash tips provider, Accurate stock cash tips provider

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